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Website Update

Hello everyone!

Gamble Rocking Chair with Side Table

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I’d like to take a moment to tell you about a few new things, but first…

All of the Gamble House Rocking Chair videos are now live on the website for yearly subscribers to view today! Plans to follow ASAP (working on them now).

Over the weekend I preformed an update on the schools website. Moved from one software package to manage subscriptions to another that is “more robust and full-featured.” What that means for you is:

  • If you have a yearly membership, it will not automatically renew after 1-year. All new and renewed memberships will have that feature available.
  • If you have a yearly membership that has started on or before September 2, 2015 your renewal price will be locked in for your second year. After that date it will raise to $150 per year. I appreciate everyone who has helped me and I want to say, “Thank You” and lock in a discount for you.
  • To login to your account click on the ‘Login to Your Account‘ button found in the upper right.
  • Only classes you have access to show up under your account. If you have a yearly membership you will see every class current and in-progress.
  • Added an Affiliate program that pays 20% to you of all purchases done by people you send to the website. Sign-up to become an Affiliate today. Banner ads for you to use will be added this week.
  • If you have any problems with the new system send me an email to

On Wednesday I will be doing my monthly live update on YouTube from the shop. When I do:

  • I will be offering a coupon code for $25 off an Unlimited Yearly Subscription or the Gamble House Rocking chair class.
  • Because you are a subscriber, here is the code incase you can’t watch: YT25Off
  • The code will expire on 9-3-2015. If you subscribe before the 3rd your non-discounted rate of $100 per year will be secured for your second year.

I want to thank everyone who has purchased a yearly membership, individual class, watched on YouTube or followed me on social media!

– Matthew Morris

Live Shop Update! June 24th @ 5:30 Pacific Time

live shop updateFor those of you who have not seen my shop update last week or the event on Facebook I will be broadcasting live from my shop tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30pm Pacific Time. Join me for an update on the Gamble House Rocker and a Q&A session. Click here to watch:

I plan on doing a live update every month on the last Wednesday of the month until the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll see you on YouTube!

On other news with the Gamble House Rocker – I’ve begun editing the project and have a few chapters complete that will be live before the update tomorrow. If you have a yearly subscription you’ll have access to this as soon as I’ve published the pages. Chapters will come out every week from now until I complete the project.

Hope to see you all tomorrow on YouTube!

– Matthew

Fixing a Nakashima Inspired Chair

Sometimes things break. This is one of those cases. There was probably a defect in the wood that was undetectable when I built the chair and when the wrong set of forces were applied to the chair, one of the feet broke after the joint.IMG_4005

To fix the chair, I built a sled that would ride on the table saw and support the chair standing up and would allow me to use a spacer block, after the first cut to create a new mortise for the bridal joint.


Here is the chair in the sled. Notice the two star knob locations and the slot. This allows me to angle the fixture to match the angle of the seat.



Getting ready for the first cut.


After the second cut using a spacer milled up to match the tenon size on the new foot for the bridal joint.



The width of the new mortise.


The new foot of the leg fitted to match the size of the mortise for the Bridal joint.


Let me know what you think? Would you have gone about this differently?