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Quick Tip – Protecting Surfaces with Blue Tape

With the level of the precision in the bridal joinery it is easy during surface preparation to remove too much material and create gaps in the joinery. Instead of tempting fate, I surface prep close to my joinery but make sure to stay away from the joinery. After glue up I use blue tape to protect the opposing surfaces and sand my joints.


How to Shape and Install Greene & Greene Ebony Bars

In an excerpt from the Gamble House Inspired Coffee Table I show you:

• How to build a jig to create a pillowed ebony bar
• Cut the bar to length
• My steps to sand and buff it to a shine
• How to install the bar into a matching mortise

Whiteside Fingernail Router Bit:

How To Make Greene & Greene Box Joints

I take you step-by-step to make Greene & Greene traditional looking Box Joints. First, we will build a sled for the table saw. Next, we will cut a series of blocks that will help guide our setups. To wrap things up I’ll show you how to dial in the perfect fit using some blue tape and a feeler gauge.

Tools I used in this video:
Frued Box Joint Cutter Set:
Starrett Feeler Gauges:
Incra Guaranteed Square:
Forrest Woodworker II: