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Build A Hanging Shop Cabinet

Build A Hanging Shop Cabinet Had a few corners in the shop that I wanted to better organize. While the finish was drying on another project, I built two hanging wall cabinets and walk you through the build step-by-step. Read more

Build A Rolling Shop Cabinet

Build A Rolling Shop Cabinet In this video I show you how I build my rolling shop cabinets. You can even complete this project is 1 day! Some of my cabinets I’ve had over 10 years and all of them have moved across the country with no problem. Hope you… Read more

French Cleat Storage for Templates

French Cleat Storage for Template I had a bunch of empty wall space I wanted to hang templates on. With some plywood, I created some French cleats and hung all the templates for the projects in the school. Read more

Gamble House Inspired Rocking Chair

Gamble House Rocking Chair This project has been on my wish list for many years and I’m excite to bring it to you! This is an iconic rocking chair packed full of great Greene & Greene details, from its recessed carvings to its silver inlay and cloud lift patterns. For nine… Read more

Gamble House Inspired Side Table

Gamble House Inspired Side Table In the same way that wine and cheese form a perfect pairing, this side table accentuates your Living Room Arm Chair with ease and elegance. Inspired by the Tabouret table found in the living room, this low table has enough room for you to place your favorite books,… Read more

Gamble House Living Room Arm Chair

Gamble House Living Room Arm Chair The Gamble House Living Room Arm Chair is unique in its design; incorporating many of the aspects found in other Greene & Greene chairs from its cloud lift headrest and rails, to its carved arms. While adding some unique elements not found in other… Read more

Greene & Greene Coffee Table

Greene & Greene Coffee Table The coffee table has become a staple of the American living room, however when the Greene brothers were designing homes and furniture the coffee table did not exist. This table takes its design cues from the Gamble House Living Room Side and Library tables. It will feature… Read more

Hand Tool Cabinet

Hand Tool Cabinet In this project, we will build a beautiful Hand Tool Cabinet equipped with a Saw and Plane Till. We will also equip our cabinet with hanging tool holders and organized drawers. Note: This class is currently being edited and the first chapters have been released. Schedule to… Read more

Nakashima Inspired Coffee Table

Nakashima Inspired Coffee Table In this project, we will build a Coffee Table in ode to George Nakashima. For the top you can do a panel glue up, or like me, use a live edge slab. What’s fun about this table is that it is completely customizable. Just change the length… Read more

Nakashima Inspired Dining Table

Nakashima Inspired Dining Table In this project, we will build a dining table in ode to George Nakashima. The trestle dining table was one of his earliest and has the most foot room of any of his tables by far. What’s fun about this table is that it is completely customizable. The… Read more

Scotch Cabinet

Scotch Cabinet In this project, we will build a cabinet using rock-solid sliding dovetail construction. A rabbet face frame and crown molding provides a bold look, while the raised panel door with contrasting wood provides sophistication. The project plans are sized for a cabinet that holds one bottle and two… Read more


Screwdrivers After years of using screwdrivers that I didn’t like, it was time to build a set I would love. The set we will build also solves that age old problem of your screwdriver rolling and falling to the floor by using an eight sided handle that we will also turn… Read more

Sharpening Station

Sharpening Station In order to do good work, we need sharp tools. For years, I have wanted to make a dedicated sharpening station. In this project, we will start by building a sharpening pond. With that built, we will turn our attention to a dedicated cabinet that can hold both the pond,… Read more

Wood Body Hand Planes

Wood Body Hand Planes The sounds of a fine tuned hand plane is a thing of beauty! In this class we will build a full set of wooden body hand planes to use with your woodworking projects. We will merge the new with the old by using a Norris style adjuster and blades… Read more