Furniture Designed in Collaboration with You

Are you looking for something special, but you just can’t find it? A dining table that fits your house perfectly? A Dresser with really tall and deep drawers? A Hall table with a live-edge slab?

We are here to help your vision become a reality! Together, we can design the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office.

What’s the process?

  • Together, we will sit down and discuss your needs. This may include a site visit to your home or office. During our conversation, we will discuss different species of wood, how the furniture will be used, and what it will complement.
  • From there, we may sketch a few designs on paper and perhaps in 3D. We will refine the design further, lock in a budget, and get to work.
  • Over the course of construction, we will provide you with weekly updates, including pictures and sometimes videos.
  • As we near completion, we will contact you to schedule a delivery day so that your furniture can be brought to its forever home.

Ready to Start?

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