Live Edge Dining Table

In this project, we will build a live-edge dining table. What’s fun about this table is that it is completely customizable. The length of the trestle should be dictated by the width of your dining chairs, plus some extra room to move around.

The one I built is 10 feet long, but you can easily make it to fit your space. Want it a little shorter, but with the ability to make it longer? No problem. We’ll go over how to build extensions for the ends of the table. Want to use just one wide slab? Go for it! Want to use book-matched slabs? Sounds good. With the techniques covered, you’ll be ready to tackle any size distance.

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In this class you’ll learn:

• How to flatten a large slab

• Precision cut bridal joints

• How to span and strengthen a gap with butterfly keys

• Large through mortise and tenon with an exposed wedge joinery

• Pattern routing

• And more!

What you will get with this class:

• A detailed project plan and full-size templates ready to print on your home printer

• Step-by-step videos

• Ability to stream or download each chapter in HD

• Ability to email me directly with questions

• A source list of where to find everything you will need for this project