Sharpening Station

In order to do good work, we need sharp tools. For years, I have wanted to make a dedicated sharpening station. In this project, we will start by building a sharpening pond. With that built, we will turn our attention to a dedicated cabinet that can hold both the pond, a grinder and had a bank of drawers for all of your accessories.

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In this class you’ll learn:

• Build a base and top for the pond

• Build a spigot out of oak

• Create stone holders

• Make a multipurpose shop cabinet

• And more!

What you will get with this class:

• A detailed project plan

• Step-by-step videos

• Ability to stream or download each chapter in HD

• Ability to email me directly with questions

• A source list of where to find everything you will need for this project

After finishing my new sharpening pond, I wanted to put it to the test. Watch as I go over how to flatten the back of a chisel, grind it’s primary bevel and put on a secondary bevel. After that, I touch up the blade for my Smoothing Plane and take some very thin shavings.