Wood Body Hand Planes

The sounds of a fine tuned hand plane is a thing of beauty! In this class we will build a full set of wooden body hand planes to use with your woodworking projects. We will merge the new with the old by using a Norris style adjuster and blades from Lee Valley, brass hardware parts and beautiful wood.

Set Includes:

  • Jointer
  • Jack
  • Smoother
  • Polisher
  • Block Plane

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In this class you’ll learn:

• Build a Hand Plane

• Fine Tune

• Attach a Sole

• And more!

What you will get with this class:

• A detailed project plan

• Step-by-step videos

• Ability to stream or download each chapter in HD

• Ability to email me directly with questions

• A source list of where to find everything you will need for this project