Gamble House Rocking Chair

This project has been on my wishlist for many years and I’m excited to bring it to you! This is an iconic rocking chair packed full of great Greene & Greene details, from its recessed carvings to its silver inlay and cloud lift patterns.

For nine months I worked in SketchUp and creating prototypes in preparation for this build. The rocker we will build will vary slightly from the original, which was designed for a person standing around 5 feet tall. Ours will feature an increased seat height and slightly taller back with laminated rockers.

Want to see more? Click here to watch Chapter Eleven – Rear Legs in its entirety.

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In this class you’ll learn:

• Angled mortise and tenon joinery

• A combination of power and hand carving for the crest rail

• Angled through mortise and tenon joint for the stretcher

• How to make ebony plugs

• Recess carving in the arms, aprons and rails

• Bent lamination

• How to inlay silver into center back slats ebony bars

• How to upholster the seat

• And more!

What you will get with this class:

• A detailed project plan

• Step-by-step videos

• Ability to stream or download each chapter in HD

• Ability to email me directly with questions

• A source list of where to find everything you will need for this project