Gamble House Living Room Arm Chair

The Gamble House Living Room Arm Chair is unique in its design; incorporating many of the aspects found in other Greene & Greene chairs from its cloud lift headrest and rails, to its carved arms. While adding some unique elements not found in other chairs, side panels, split center back slat joined by ebony bars and carved cloud lifts in each rail.

This is a great project for an intermediate or novice woodworker who is ready to dive into the world of chair building or anyone with an appreciation for the Greene & Greene style.

Want to see more? Click here to watch Chapter Ten – Crest Rail & Rear Apron in it’s entirety.

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In over 13-hours of step-by-step video instruction you’ll learn:

• Angled mortise and tenon joinery

• A combination of power and hand carving the crest rail

• Angled through mortise and tenon joint for the stretcher

• Making ebony plugs

• Recess carving in the arms, aprons and rails

• Bent Lamination

• Inlaying silver into center back slats ebony bars

• How to upholster the seat

• And more!

What you will get with this class:

• A detailed project plan and full-size templates ready to print on your home printer

• Over 10-hours of instructional video

• Stream or download each chapter in HD

• Email me directly with questions

• A source list of where to find silver, router bits, etc. needed in this project