Studio Classes FAQs

How do studio classes work?

You sign up for an in-person class from our schedule, come to the studio on the class days, and have a ton of fun!

  • What Skill or Knowledge Level is Required? Everyone is welcome. Please pick a class that you feel comfortable with or is something you want to take to learn new things.
  • Do we finish the project? You’ll finish all the construction on your project. In most classes, when you leave you’ll still need to do final sanding, most glue-ups, and applying finish. If the class is part of the online school, you’ll get access to watch all the class videos, download the plans and finish the last little bits at home.
  • Do I bring my own materials? Materials for the class are provided. This includes lumber, metal, etc.
  • Do I bring my own tools? For larger project-based classes that may use lots of tools, we have a few of everything at the school, but you are welcome to bring your own hand tools.
  • What if I have to cancel my class? Please give notice 30-days before a class starts and we will refund your money less processing fees – usually $25 – $50. Less than 30 days, we don’t give refunds.
  • If I want to come, where do I stay and how do I get here? Visit our Travel and Lodging page with suggestions and links to our local airports and hotels.
  • I’m flying in, how do I get my project home? No worries! We can help pack and ship your project. You’ll just need to pay for the shipping.

Online Classes FAQs

How do video classes work?

I shoot in-depth videos on how to build a project. You pay for one class or a yearly subscription and receive a PDF of the plans, templates, and jigs, and access to watch or download the videos. Then, you make the project. Here is a list of questions friends and other people have asked me, and my answers:

  • There has to be a catch, right? Nope. That simple.
  • If I buy a class, does my access expire? Nope. Buy a project or a bundle and access doesn’t expire.
  • If I buy a yearly subscription and decide not to continue does my access expire? Yes and no. No, because you will always have access to all the classes that took place during your subscription. Yes because access to all classes before you subscribed and after you subscribed will end.
  • How much does it cost? Project prices vary from $35 to $75 and yearly subscriptions vary from $100 to $200.
  • How’s the video quality? Everything is shot in 1080p HD. Videos are streamed in 720p HD and downloads are in 1080p HD.
  • Can I watch the same video over and over again? Yep.
  • What do I need to do for these projects? Any expensive specialized equipment? I want everyone who has a 6-inch jointer, 12-inch lunch-box planer, table saw, router table (big or small), plunge router, a set of chisels, a rasp, block plane, and sanding equipment to be able to do these projects. You may need to buy some new router bits and some other small items, but don’t we all when we do a new type of project?
  • Are these “project plans” available anywhere else? Did you get them from a magazine? Nope! Everything I offer won’t be found in the pages of a magazine (unless I wrote the article) or some large plan database. Instead, I’ve either designed a piece of furniture or taken a great timeless piece and figured out how to make it and present it to you.
  • What do you get out of it? Some money from you for my time. Personal satisfaction—I’ve been teaching at a college part-time for over 14 years. I teach because I want to help others and empower them to learn and do better than me. That belief is what I bring to you and  I hope it shows.
  • What if I need help? You can contact me with email questions. Each project has a forum attached to it for group help. If you have a yearly subscription with one-on-one, we can Skype or video chat.
  • Are you going to be offering anything else? Yes. Free videos with tips, tricks and more!
  • I like what I’m reading and the preview video(s) I saw. What do I do next? Sign-up! Go to the project you are interested in the online classes menu, select the class you are interested in and click on the button to purchase. In a few more clicks, you’ll have access to everything.