Gamble House Rocking Chair Build Update 8-11-2015

Hi everyone!,

If you have been watching my Weekly Shop Update on YouTubeInstagram feed or FaceBook Page you will have noticed that I’m in the final stretch of completing this rocking chair. Even spent about a half hour this Sunday just sitting in the chair after attaching the rockers for the first time.

Let me tell you a few things about the chair so far:

  • She Rocks! The rocking action is very smooth.
  • She’s comfortable! The height from the ground to the top of the front stretcher is just over 16 1/2 inches. I was shooting for 17. This is not a problem as seat is padded and raises you above Sam Maloof’s 17 inch seat height in his rocking chairs.
  • This, like any other Greene & Greene piece is heavy in details. I was able to accomplish all of the carvings in the arms, rails and rockers with chisels and 1/4 inch gouge and sandpaper. You won’t have to buy lots of carving tools!
  • In my plans, like the original chair, housed mortises and tenons are required. However, if you wanted to, you could easily use my rear leg shape and create a flat surface where the side rails meet the rear leg. This would eliminate the need for housed mortises.

I’m diligently working on editing the video footage for this project. The project will end with a total of around 30 to 32 chapters with each a distinct step in the project. I have chapters 2-17 live on the website for Yearly Subscribers to watch now. Chapter 1 is always the project preview. I am still working on bringing together all of my elements for the project plan. I have notes on each print out and need to make some minor changes to my sketchup files.

This leads me to the questions I’ve receive a number of times. When will the class be available? The individual class will be available as soon as I finish the chair, film and edit and preview video. My best estimate is before the end of the month. The initial set of plans will not have all of the detailed outlines of the carvings. Those will follow shortly after.

Enough of me writing and time for a preview! Use this link to watch Chapter 11 – Rear Legs

Have a great week in the shop!

– Matthew Morris