Standing Hand Tool Cabinet Cabinet with PantoRouter

About the Project

You own a bunch of hand tools and you want a great place to hold them all, with a bunch of storage. And maybe you you want something that doesn’t take up a lot of Real Estate, can easily move around and takes full-advantage of its size. That’s where the Standing Hand Tool Cabinet comes in!

This Hand Tool Cabinet has:
• Plane Till with storage
• Saw Till
• 3 Drawers in the Cabinet
• 3 More Drawers in the Drawer Box
• Spokeshave Tool Holder
• Card-scraper Holder
• Square Holders
• And More!

PantoRouter Joinery

For years I had a booth at Fine Woodworking Live next to Mac from PantoRouter. Every year I’d see him demonstrate how to use the PantoRouter to cut joinery.

• Traditional Mortise and Tenons
• Compound Angeles Mortise and Tenons
• Dovetails
• Box Joints
• And More!

Finally I decided it was time to try this for myself! 

In this project we’ll cut almost all the joinery using the PantoRouter. From Mortise and Tenons to through Dovetails and Half-Blind Dovetails with a veneered front.

About MM Wood Studio

We are an online woodworking school specializing in intermediate to advanced-level projects. Some projects may contain angled joinery, inlay and the use of exotic woods. Don’t have an 8, 10 or 12-inch jointer? No problem. We have a jig for that. In fact, all of our projects have been designed for a shop with a table saw, 12-inch band saw, 6-inch jointer planer, router table (big or small), a set of chisels, and a few planes.

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