Gamble House Inspired Side Table Class



In the same way that wine and cheese form a perfect pairing, this side table accentuates your Living Room Arm Chair with ease and elegance. Inspired by the Tabouret table found in the living room, this low table has enough room for you to place your favorite books, magazines, iPad or Kindle. It sits at the perfect height for you to rest your glass of wine and plate of cheese while you turn each page.

Our table differs from the original primarily in the top. Instead of a tabletop of marble surrounded by wood, we will create a breadboard end top. Our top will have all the traditional Greene & Greene details from ebony splines to a beautiful inlay consisting of silver and fruitwoods.

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Want to see more? Click here to watch Preview Chapter Five – The Top and Buttons in it’s entirety.

In this class you’ll:

  • Get a detailed project plan and full-size templates ready to print on your home printer
  • Learn traditional mortise and tenon joinery
  • Create a breadboard end table top
  • Inlay ebony splines and silver and fruitwoods in a pattern
  • How to place and create ebony plugs
  • And more!