Rocking Chair Plans Online!

Fellow Woodworkers!

Hope everyone had a great three-day holiday weekend! Over the three days I spent some time behind the computer on SketchUp, InDesign and Acrobat Pro. All of this time resulted in completed project plans for the Gamble House Inspired Rocking Chair. In total:

  • The Booklet is 62 pages long
  • There are 11 full-size templates
  • You’ll need about 35 board feet of Mahogany (maybe less as I rounded up)
  • Able to separately download the full-size templates as well. Might be easier to print individually from the entire booklet. Wanted to give you the option.

I still have one last thing to do. Film the introduction chapter. That’s on my list for early this week, but I won’t send an update out for that.

Hope everyone has a great week in the shop.

-Matthew Morris